Is a Cheek Thats Puffed Up and Has a Red Circular Huge Scar Dangerous? What is It?

I know this one year old girl who has a red scar on her face she was born with it but it was so small and brown almost unnoticable. As she grows up it gets bigger reder and puffier. whats wrong with her?

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Red Cheek on One Year Old Girl

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      Without pictures, physical exam, and possible imaging, definitive diagnosis would be impossible.  However, hemangiomas can develop shortly after birth and can have a rapid growth phase.  Most spontaneously involute over time, but they can be treated with a number of therapeutic modalities.  After involution, the scar can be excised if cosmesis is an issue.  There are a variety of arteriovenous, venous, lymphatic, and capillary malformations that can be present at birth and grow with the child. 

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