6 Days Post Cheek Lipofilling and They are Uneven? (photo)

I have had lipofilling to my cheeks 6 days ago and one cheek seems to be higher than the other. I would like to know if this is due to uneven swollenness or a mistake on the doctor's behalf.

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6 days post fat to face, uneven?

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Thank you for the photos.  It is too early to say anything about a final result.  First, everyone is asymmetrical, and second the filler, (fat), may settle in at different rate from one side to another.  Please continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon.  Let him/her know your concerns. 

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Swelling after Facial Fat Injection: What to Expect

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More and more, patients are having facial fat transfer or injection procedures.  As we age, the face generally becomes less full, adding to the appearance of aging.   When fat is injected in a skillful manner, the results can be rewarding and beautiful.  Swelling is expected, with a good resolution over the first week.   If a large volume of fat is injected, the swelling takes longer.  If there was much more bruising on one side, that side will generally take longer to settle down.   Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon if swelling differs greatly on one side.

Good luck!

Dr. Bresnick

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Uneven cheeks after lipofilling

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The two sides of your face will swell unevenly and the swelling with often resolve at uneven rates...it is way too early to judge the asymmetry that you see at this time...you need to wait several months before critically evaluating things.  Patience.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
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6 Days Post Cheek Lipofilling and They are Uneven? (photo)

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Still very early in healing and swelling to be so concerned. Allow at least a month before considering revision. 

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