Is Cheek Lift Reversible if Nerve Endings Were Cut

22/MFL not aesthetically pleasing. I wanted to remove eye bags, instead face went from oval to round & flat, w pulled up eyes & high cheeks PS said that cheeks were suspended & repositioned higher & wider w/ endotines & the nerve endings were cut. Is it possible to lower the cheeks if nerve ending were cut? I have begun studying anatomy & no longer believe that much can be done to help me since nerves prob can't be stretched. Slowly losing hope. Honest answers please the more details the better

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Revision cheeklift for an Endotine cheeklift

Endotine fixation devices can produce a wider intermalar distance (distance between perceived height of the cheeks).  While this can occasionally be good, often it unexpectedly alters the appearance of the face.  Also, bunching can occur which then requires elevation of the brow, sometimes resulting in a catlike appearance.

It is typically reversible if the Endotine devices are removed and the cheeklift type is converted to a different type of cheeklift.

Nerve endings are always cut in any surgery; they usually grow back without incident.

This type of revisional surgery is very complex, and surgeons performing it should have an interest in the midface. 

In the section below are several articles and chapters I have written on cheeklift types.

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Is Cheek Lift Reversible if Nerve Endings Were Cut

 Photos, of your face, before and after would help in the evaluation.  The endotine can be cut and removed and the cheeks shaped appropriately.  Be sure the plastic and cosmetic surgeon, you select, understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive face.   If the cutaneous nerves were cut, this happens with any surgery.  If however, the infra-orbital nerves were cut, you should experience numbness of the upper lips.

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