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I am considering cosmetic treatments in my jaw and cheek. I am concerned because I have chubby cheeks but no cheekbone so I have big, flat cheeks and it seems to make my bottom lip hang and my facial expression look mad. Also, it seems like the distance from my chin to my neck is very short. The only way I help my appearance with my 2 issues is to smile with my teeth. Perhaps would lipo alone help? Id like to get pointed in the right direction so I can choose the right doctor for a consult.

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Jaw and chin implants

From the photo I do not think the cheeks are overly chubby and the cheek bones do look deficient. The lower third of the face is a bit short in vertical length compared to the middle and upper thirds. Also the chin and possibly lower jaw are retruded. If your dental alignment (bite and jet) are ok you could go with chin/jaw implants or jaw surgery. If the dental alignment is off you are better served by jaw surgery. The purpose of either procedure would be to lengthen the lower jaw/chin mostly front to back and a little vertically. Lipo alone will not give you what you are looking for. If you have Photoshop you can manipulate your photo by moving the chin slightly forward to get an idea of how this would look. The photo simulation however will not give you an idea of how this surgery would affect the middle third. It may have secondary effects in this area that address your concerns here as well.

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