Cheek Injections for Cheekbone Definition Only and NOT to Fill out Apple Cheek, is It Possible?

I want cheek augmentation because I have quite a strong jawline but no cheekbone definition whatsoever and I think some sort of filler would balance out my face a bit more. However, I don't want the filler on the apples of my cheek, just on top of my cheekbone to give me a more defined face. Is this possible? I'm still quite young aswell so I don't need fillers in that part of my cheek. I've also seen some horrific plastic surgery where the apples of the cheeks have ended up looking really big!

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Cheek Iinjections for Definition

I'm not sure where the "apples" of your cheeks are located, but injections of fillers or fat can be placed anywhere on the cheeks to achieve the look that you want. With fillers you can have the injections gradually over several sessions so you can slowly sculpt the look you want.

Richard W. Fleming, MD

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fine tuning cheek augmentation

You need to communicate closely with your physician injector to establish your goals of treatment. When properly done these injections should have a completely natural look. Fillers that create volume such as Radiesse or Sculptra can be injected into multiple areas of the face to create the subtle and natural-looking results that are so often desired. Seemingly small changes in shape, proportions, balance, and symmetry can have a surprisingly large effect on our perceptions.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Cheek Injections for Cheekbone Definition Only and NOT to Fill out Apple Cheek, is It Possible?

  Anything is possible using filler injections.  The real question should be, "is it aesthetically correct so that the filler makes you more attractive?"  Without seeing pictures, of your face, this question can not be answered.  Fillers themselves carry no inherent magic and the ability for them to create natural beauty rests in the MD's ability to understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial beauty IMHO.

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