Cheek Implants 4 Months Ago. Left Implant Seems to Be Slightly in a Different Direction? (photo)

I had cheek implants 4 months ago. If you look at my photos i still have my natural look. however i have a question . the implant on my right side is good. but the implant on my left side seems to be slightly in a different direction than the right side because when i turn my tongue in my mouth slightly upward i can feel the implant but i don't feel anything on the right side. i guess it has been like this since after operation. I know that they may not move after 4 months. can the left one move

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Cheek Implants

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If you can feel the implant with your tongue chances are the implant has migrated out of position. Thats probably why it looks different and it may at some point even extrude. You may want to alert your surgeon.



Four months after cheek implants with possible shifting of implant

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Do you know what type of implant you had placed?  Was it a submalar implant or malar implant, or a combination?  You should not be able to feel a malar implant with your tongue but you could possibly feel a submalar implant with your tongue.  Your appearance looks fairly symmetric from your photos and the implant should be stable in position certainly by a week or sooner after the procedure.  It would take a good amount of force to be able to move an implant after four months.  Since you do have a concern about it, I would recommend returning to your surgeon to be evaluated just to make sure that everything is okay.  Most likely, the healing process is fine and there could be a slight difference in position between the implants, but it does not appear to be causing any problems.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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