Cheek Implants For Men? How Effective In Providing a Wider Face?

Traditionally cheek implants are used on women to provide a fuller and rounder cheek contour. But how effective are they proving men with a wider face? If a male has underdeveloped cheekbones creating a long narrow flat look, how much width can they add? And just as importantly, how can they still appear manly and rugged like young Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt, and not rounded and feminine like many female patients? Would implant shape and placement have to be specific or is it just not possible?

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Cheek Implants for Men

I frequently use cheek implants for men. There are many sizes and shapes which can be customized for each individual patient. They can be designed to increase the width of the cheeks if that is the goal.

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Wider face

It seems like you are requesting cheekbone implants which will give you a Brad Pitt appearance. Have you surgeon perform a cheek augmentation test with local anesthetic and see whether you like the various alternatives.

David A. F. Ellis, MD
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