Can I Have Cheek Implants While I Have Existing Radiesse?

I have had six 1.5cc syringes of Radiesse injected in my cheeks over the past two years. The last two were injected in October 2011. I would like to have combined malar implant surgery in March 2012. How would the Radiesse affect the implant surgery? Should I wait? If so, how long?

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Wait at least a year after Radiesse

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I would not jump into cheek implants so soon after Radiesse.  It lasts 12-18 months.  If you do it while the Radiesse is still in place you may underestimate the volume of the cheek implant needed.  I would advise you to wait at least a year after the last injection and then proceed cautiously.  Good luck with your decision, Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton.

Cheek implants with existing Radiesse

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It is certainly acceptable to undergo cheek augmentation after having Radiesse placed in the cheek area.  Though, in order to select the best implant shape and size, it would be better to wait until most of the filler has dissolved,. The cheek implants are inserted directly over the bone and all the Radiesse will be located above the implant.  The implants are placed through an intraoral approach usually under a general anesthesia and the Radiesse will not be in the same surgical plane as the implants.

I have had six 1.5cc syringes of Radiesse injected in my cheeks over the past two years. The last two were injected in October 2

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  Depends on the experience of the plastic and cosmetic surgeon performing the cheek augmentation with cheek implants.  The most important factor is that your plastic and cosmetic surgeon have a firm understanding of the proper aeethetics of facial beauty for the proper creation of a naturally, more beautiful set of cheeks.  Augmenting the facial skeleton takes a quantum level more aethteic judgement IMHO.  

  I perform many cheek augmentations with cheek implants in people that have Perlane or Radiesse in the cheeks and this doesn't interfere with the implant placement as the soft tissues, over the cheeks and nasolabial folds, should be shaped during the implant placement as well.  

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Cheek augmentation soon after fillers

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I agree, it is best to wait until all the Radiesse is absorbed.  Your sugeon is then able to find the right implant size and shape for you.

Michael A. Jazayeri, MD
Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

Cheek implants after filler.

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It is best to wait until the filler absorbs before you go ahead.  With the filler present you may wind up picking an implant that is too big or too small.  I usually take photos of my patients and consider surgery when they return to how they looked before the filler.

You should discuss this with your surgeon.  The amount and location of the filler will play into his or her recommendation on timing as well.

Cheek Implants in Patient with Radiesse Present

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You had Radiesse, which will last  12-18 months, injected in you cheeks just 4 months ago. At this time it will be  difficult to select the proper implant size - do you place an implant  that satisfies your present needs or an implant that will be too big now but proper after the Radiesse dissolves? It is best for you t wait another 8-12 months.  

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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