Cheek Implants - Did my Doctor Upsell Me a Procedure I Didn't Need?

I had rhinoplasty, cheek implants, and blepharoplasty 12 days ago. I was so happy and excited to get it done. I wasn't expecting the cheek implants but my doctor suggested it with the blepharoplasty. So I trusted him and agreed.

I'm posting a before picture in hopes that you can tell me if I even needed the cheek implants.

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Communication BEFORE surgery is key.

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Honestly, you have a beautiful face and in my opinion you didn't "need" any of those procedures. I would caution you against doing too much -- I usually find that "the enemy of good is better" and you should always caution on the conservative side. I hope you will be happy with your procedure once all is said and done.

In the future, and for anyone considering cosmetic surgery (especially on the face) my best advise is not to rush into anything and make sure that your goals and expectations are communicated with your surgeon. It is important that you fully understand the procedure that you are agreeing to and what it will do for you. It is a dissatisfying position to be in to be wondering after your surgery if you did the right thing in agreeing to a procedure. Therefore, it is important that you are quite certain that you are ready for, and want, the procedure you are having performed. It is important that you communicate with your plastic surgeon before agreeing to any procedure to make sure that you are alligned and in accord and that your expectations are realistic and that your outcome will be your desired result. Your plastic surgeon will be more than happy to spend the time you need to be ready for your surgery and make sure that you will be happy with your results. Just as you want the best possible result, your plastic surgeon wants you to be happy with your outcome.

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Hard to tell from the picture

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Hi Izzy,

Please see my answer to your other question. As far as cheek implants go, it is hard to tell whether or not you needed them. Your picture shows you smiling which pushes up your cheek mass and makes you look like you have more than enough cheek. The best pictures to look at would be a 1/4 view with no smile to see where the natural position of your cheek sits.

Often times, cheek and chin implants are suggested as a way to balance off facial harmony, especially in patients undergoing rhinoplasty. Please submit other pictures if you have them, then the community can answer your question more accurately. Good luck.

Nobody "needs" a cheek implant.

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Cheek implants are always optional.  The patient decides whether they are worth the price and risk.  It is the job of the surgeon to convey to the patient as best as possible what can be accomplished by the operation.  I prefer video imaging and the use of patient pre and post op galleries.

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Think injectable fillers before cheek implant

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Obviously, hindsight is 20-20. Given potential complication of cheek implants, e.g. infection, abnormal scarring, asymmetry, or any buyer's regret, it's advisable that you communicate with your cosmetic surgeon the possibility of injectable fillers such as Sculptra or Radiesse as these are not permanent and touchup adjustment is relatively easy. If you want to be conservative, you can stay with Perlane or Juvederm Ultra Plus which are completely reversible with hyaluronidase.

Preop communication is the key

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Unfortunately a candid picture as provided does not substitute for a consultation. If you were unhappy with the appearance of your cheeks prior to surgery than a full discussion, with your surgeon, regarding the pros, cons and alternatives of cheek enhancement was necessary. What's important is how you feel now about your appearance and the enhancement that the implants have given you.

Cheek implants

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Without knowing the full background of the case and a better angle of the cheek in a non-smiling pose, it is not appropriate to advise if the implant was advisable. The intent  of the cheek implants is to provide considerable volume to the cheeks. Fillers can provide more subtle increase.

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