Can Cheek Implants Help Treat a Scar That is on "The Line of Symmetry" of the Cheek?

I had an adverse reaction to a filler used treat an acne scar that was on my cheek two inches below my eye. The filler created a large lump and had to be excised. The doctor tried to make the cut according to the line of symmetry on my cheek. The resulting excision scar (1.5inches) did not heal well. Since excision, I have undergone procedures (fillers, fraxel:repair) to the scar. I am contemplating seeing a plastic surgeon to help with this problem. Is it possible that cheek implants might help flatten the scar and make my cheeks look more proportional.

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Cheek Implants to Treat Scar

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I'm sorry about your unforunate experience. An  implant will improve cheek contour if there is a depression which calls attention to the scar. At this stage after all the treatments, get a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon.

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