Can Cheek Implants Be Done at the Same Time As Orthognathic Surgery?

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Can Cheek Implants Be Done at the Same Time As Orthognathic Surgery?

 Aesthetically speaking it might be better for you...allow an improved aesthetic result if you waited a year after the orthognathic surgery before having the Cheeks Augmented with Cheek Implants.  The orhtognathic surgery can sometimes have bone cuts along the lower edge of the cheek bones that might interfere with the implant placement.  In addition, aesthetically as the jaw and the maxilla are moved...the degree of Cheek Augmentation desired will change...hence the 1 year wait.  In fact, I just did a case a few days ago where the orthognathic procedure was done many years ago and we placed the implants were easilly for the desired aesthetic result.  Hope this helps.

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Orthognathic surgery should be done prior to cheek implants

Cheek implants cannot be performed at the same time as orthognathic surgery.  It is important to have the orthognathic surgery done first, especially if both the maxilla and the mandible are involved.  This is performed as an inpatient procedure and there is a significant amount of swelling after the procedure.  If after 6 months there is still a flat maxilla, then consideration for a cheek augmentation can be performed if desired.

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