Cheek Implants, Submalar Implants or Lifting? (photo)

Hello Im 29 years old, am i a candidate for submalar implants or cheek implants or lifting? mi doctor said that it would not be aproppiate for me to have cheek implants because my eyes are deep and it would make them look deeper.But honestly i dont knowif he is right, but maybe submalar implants? or a lifting? Thankyou.

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Cheek Implants, Submalar Implants or Lifting?

 The right cheek is about 70% of the proper aesthetic size and shape IMHO and it would be unwise to use a Cheek Implant for Augmentation.  Removal of the NLF fat and Fillers (I prefer Perlane) to shape the cheeks would seem the best option.  The left cheek appears more flat, however when deciding on who is a suitable candidate for Malar Augmentation, with Cheek Implants, the larger cheek must drive the decision or the cheeks will appear over-done.  Below is a video of a patient having Perlane to shape the cheeks.  Hope this helps.

 From the photos, no jowls are present and as such no type of Face Lift seems appropriate.

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Cheek implant, submalar implants or lifting?

You already have prominent cheek bones so I do not think you need further augmentation of this area with an implant.  A lift is not necessary, especially in someone your age.  There is an area just below your cheek bone that does have a depression, and this could possibly be augmented with a submalar implant or an injectable filler.  A consultation with a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon would get you more detailed information.       

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