Cheek Implants and Numbness After a Facial

Hello. I had cheek implant surgery 10 years ago. Post op after surgery I had numbness on my left side. It resided on its own after 6months... Just recently I had a facial with some electromagnetic application to my face... Right after treatment the numbness to my face on the left side returned... Same feeling that I had right after surgery 10 years ago... Please I need advice...

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Ask Facialist to Avoid Area in Future

I have heard of stim and mens type facial stimulators creating bursts of light when placed close to nerves around the eyes and even heard of lightning type sensation when they come to close to the sensory nerves just below the lower eyelids and behind the ears but I doubt they will cause any permanent nerve injury or effect the cheek implants in any manner.

The reason, this seems similar to what you experienced after your cheek implant surgery is the same nerve (below the lower eyelid) was effected in both cases...but the similarities stop there.  You may want to ask the facialist to avoid that area in the future.

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Cheek Implant Numbness - See Plastic Surgeon

It would be unusual for this episode to be related to the event 10 years ago. I would recommend seeing your original plastic surgeon.

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