Can Cheek Implants Lift the Lower Face?

I have premature sagging of my lower face (nose to mouth) primarily due to an untreated deep bite. So, my facial muscles dont have great support and also smoking and stress have made my face sag more. I have been advised that at 37 I'm too old to treat the bite problem with braces and that, as my teeth are in good condition, I should leave them alone. I wondered if injecting a filler along my cheek bones or using cheek implants would provide any sort of skin tightening or lifting effect on my lower face??

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Yes, to an extent

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Both of the areas you mention, cheeks and jawline, are now popular areas for hyaluronic acid fillers. They work well to restore lost volume and can restore the jawline, especially in the prejowl area. For more permanent fixes, patients often opt for tightening procedures such as a facelift, and pre-jowl implants. There is an inherent difference in thickness between the jowl tissue and the tissue just in front of it, but each of these solutions does improve the appearance of the jawline. I do caution patients against purely replacing volume and not tightening at all when skin looseness becomes more pronounced. This can often lead to a bizarre and puffy appearance. There are areas that are easier to augment in the face, and areas that are more difficult. A top surgeon will realize the limitations of volume augmentation in each area and balance those against the need to keep the patient looking natural and unoperated.

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