Cheek Implants Infection, Is It Difficult to Slightly Reposition Them?

3 weeks ago i had cheek augmentation and i realised that the left side is much more puffier in the wrong areas as im a male and i wanted hiigh cheekbones. i realised that there was a foul oozing from the left side and today the doctor said he needs to operate and clean out the left side with a antibiotic. the thing is. where the implants are i feel as if the infected side looks more projected than the right. is it a "big" procedure to have them slightly moved a bit?. can i go to work in a day?

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Infection Following Cheek Implant Placement

It is difficult or impossible to judge the position of cheek implants 3 weeks after surgery, even if there was no infection. I would expect the infected side to be more swollen and therefore more projected. It may be necessary to remove the implant, a foreign material,  to eliminate the infection. Your progress and treatment in the near future is uncertain, but your surgeon will explain your options.

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