Can Cheek Implants Help Improve Sagginess of the Soft Tissue on Cheeks?

I had a cheek bone reduction surgery, which has caused the soft tissue on the cheeks to droop a lot and made me look at least 5 years older than i actually am. I am in my thirties and I think face lift is too early for me now? I wonder if cheek implants can help improve the sagginess, or if on the contray, the sepatation of bones and soft tissues for the surgery will make the sagginess worse? I want to change my cheek bone back to its original shape. And Can I use my own bone for the implants?

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Cheek implants can improve sagging soft tissues

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Cheekbone augmentation is typically performed not with the patient’s own bone, but with a silastic implants. We prefer the malar or submalar implants produced by Implantech. These are inserted above the gum line on the upper lip and placed directly over the bone to augment bony tissues. This will in effect augment the soft tissues, which will improve the sagginess.  

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Cheek Sagging after Bone Removal

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You need to have an aesthetic surgeon examine you and then discuss appropriate alternatives. If you're satisfied with your present cheek projection, a cheek lift (not a facelift) may solve your problem. Cheek implants can be done, but I suggest you have silicone implants, not bone grafts which are technically more difficult and risky. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Cheek bones giving a lift

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yes there are cheek bones specially designed to elevate and support the facial tissues in this area. They are often referred to as submalar implants, however even standard malar implants will lift slightly and support the tissues. While it's true that extensive dissection of the cheek tissues for implant placement can contribute to sagging ....most experienced surgeons do the proceedure with a minimum of dissection and avoid this problem

Cheek augmentation reversal

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You will not likely be able to use your own bone but this has been described in the past. Donor sites include the skull and ribs, primarily. Your uncertaintly and vascillation is a concern, however, and you should not undertake this surgery lightly with an intention of performing the operation and then reversing it.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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