Cheek Implants For Round Ethnic Face- Want Chiseled Cheekbones

if im a male person with a round ethnic mid face area and im wanting a chisselled european cheekbone look, what do i need to ask my surgeon and what do i need to know about cheek implants. im booked in for surgery in a couple of weeks and want to be satisfied with the result after it. ive already had my nose done and a buccal fat reduction and my chin reduced. i feel cheek implants will bring everything into balance. any information would be great.

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Cheek Implants for a more masculine face?

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 I have performed Cheek augmentation with Cheek Implants for over 20 years and IMHO, you are in trouble if you need to tell your plastic and cosmetic surgeon what type, size and/or shape of cheek implant to use in order to make your face more angular and ruggedly handsome.  The first rule in plastic surgery, IMO, is the proper aesthetic judgement in knowing how to make the face/body more attractive.  

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Cheek Implants for Definitions

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Silicone implant placement is an excellent technique to improve cheek definition.  The procedure is done through an intra-oral incision. Another less invasive technique to augment the cheeks is the injection of fillers or the patient's own fat. 


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