Would cheek implants and a lower lid lift help me? (photo)

I'm 36 and look much older. I've done laser resurfacing to improve my skin and it's actually worse. Now, I'd like to try and help my puffy eyes and sad face. Would cheek implants and lower lid surg be the best option for me?

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Aging of Lower Eyelids and Face

You present as someone significantly older than her stated age. You have classic aging of the lower eyelids from descent of tissue as well as volume loss in the cheek. This is most, probably encountered in someone at least 10-20 years older than you are. There are a number of ways to correct this, including off the shelf fillers, fat injection, and facelift with lower blepharoplasty. The real question, does require are you aging

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Cheek volume loss and thinning skin is more common than expected

Thanks for your photos. Your experience with laser treatments is not unusual. I am noticing more and more patients aging faster after some of these "non-surgical" rejuvenations. Your photos show loss of volume in your cheeks with poor elasticity of skin. Volume restoration is recommended, and this can be accomplished with a variety of modalities: injectable fillers, fat transfer, cheek implants, etc. Best to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for their reconstructive experience.

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