Cheek Implant Vs Fillers?

My plastic surgeon recommended me fillers instead of implants, he said they are better choice for me. I originally went in wanting canthoplasty because I thought my lower eyelid is too droopy but test injecting cheeks with water did improve my eyelids appearance a lot. Problem? I think it looked more like fat then bone, I am wondering if ti will be different with real fillers? - Would implants give more masculine/bony appearance than fillers ?

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Cheek implants vs fillers

Hello dannyboy123- Facial fillers have definitely reduced the number of implant surgeries taking place and with good reason...less cost, risk, pain and difficulty. Facial fillers can make small but definite changes in the facial contours and if the change is enough to satisfy you, then this is a preferable route. Discuss with your surgeon the differences of sculptra in regards to other fillers. If greater and more permanent change is desired, consider implants but choose your surgeon wisely so certain risks are minimized, like undesired changes in your smile. Good luck to you.

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