Cheek Implant Removal Sagging and Swelling

I had Mid face lift and xl submalar/malar implants on Dec7th 2010 i am having the implants removed on January 15 2011, my question is will there be swelling from having them removed and will my skin be real saggy or will the short time be good for my skin to flex back, any suggestions is greatly apperciated im 40 yrs old and in good health

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No skin sagging will occur after that short time frame

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The swelling should be less than that caused from placing the cheek implants because the surgical pocket, for the cheek implants, has already been created.  Removing silastic cheek implants is far easier, creates less trauma, bruising and swelling than placing the implants.

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Cheek Implant Removal

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Dear Patient,

There will be some swelling after the removal, but probably less than the placement. 

Could there be some change?  Yes.  However, your skin should ultimately not end up with much effect from having gone through this.  In other words, it should not be noticeably more stretched.  This amount will depend on your skin.  Given your age and good health, your skin likely still has good elasticity and the ability to contract.  But other factors would include ethnicity and history of sun exposure. 

I hope this is helpful,

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