Cheek Implant Issues? (photo)

Dear Doctors; In 1995 I had cheek implant surgery without complication. However I recently developed a bacterial conjunctivitis right eye then three days later soft tissue swelling of the face over the right implant. I have no other symptoms. No pain, or fever, or any discomfort whatsoever. Just the swelling. An eye doctor prescribed antibiotic eyes drops. I do have a history of eye allergy in the fall season. This however is the first time for the swelling. Please advise.

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Possible Right Cheek Implant Infection Years Later

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Late cheek implant infections are very rare but they can occur. I would first get on an oral antibiotic in addition to the eye drops and see if the swelling over the implant resolves. If it does, it will then interesting to see what happens when you are off the antibiotic for a while. It would also be helpful to know how the cheek implants were placed (through the eyelid or through the mouth) and what material they are made of.

Cheek Implant Issues?

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Appears as a secondary location infection to then righty cheek implant. You need IMMEDIATE medical care. Seek an examination with a boarded PSs in your city ASAP. 

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