Cheek Implant Infection- Could The Open Pocket Be The Cause?

hi back to my question about cheek implant infection. i yesterday had another operation on my left cheek to clean out the infection and had antibitics instilled in the area and then sutured up again. i know many doctors here say to take the implant out but i wanted to know. could leaving a tiny pocket open be the cause of infection? what exactly happens when this is happened. i think my issue with my cheek was that there was a tiny space left open or hasnt healed. hence the infection and revision.

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Using fillers for cheek augmentation greatly reducing risk of infection

The good news is that once your current issue with this infection resolves you will still be able to use fillers to augment your cheeks and smooth under your eyes.

There are many times cheek augmentation is needed, and 8 years ago, cheek implant surgery was the only option, although it can be very difficult to get great results and the risk for infection or complication can be fairly high.  But today, fillers both temporary and permanent offer a great alternative.

  • Fillers have a much lower risk of infection, nerve injury, fluid collection
  • Fillers can be customized
  • Fillers can be modified to make results even better
  • Fillers can be modified as you continue to age

So I know you still have to resolve your current issue, but again the good news is that if you aren't 100% satisfied, the fillers will be able to help you.

Good luck in your search for information.

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