Cheek Implant Infection 7 Years After Surgery?

I have had Cheek implants for 7 years. Can you develop an infection in the cheek implants after that amount of time?

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Cheek Implant infections uncommon but possible

In general the longer out from surgery the less likely there will be an infection. However, as all implants are foreign bodies they are always at risk albeit a small one.

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Yes, infection is possible.

 Yes, it is possible to develop an infection years after surgery if a foreign body is in place.  What symptoms are you experiencing that make you think you have an infection.  If there is any doubt, it is important that you see your surgeon for evaluation.  Good luck.

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Infection of Cheek Implant

Is a cheek implant infection possible 7 years after surgery? Yes, absolutely. Although a rare problem, any foreign body or foreign material can get infected even years after they have been placed. When this is the case, eventual removal of the implant will be necessary in most cases; antibiotics can help but not cure the problem.

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Not Likely but other issues may be occurring from cheek implant

Hello Pugsy,

Since it has been 7 years since your implants were placed (I am going to assume that the implants have not caused any problems for you during this time) the likelihood of an infection related to the implants is low. However it is important to recognize that the implants are a "foreign body" and as such can be the focus of an infection (either localized to the implant itself or an extension from another infecton, ie. tooth, sinus).

You best bet is to be seen by a board certified Surgeon who can examine you and go over your symptoms / complaints and get to the root of what you are experiencing. Other factors such as implant migration, extrusion, scar tissue build up, etc. may be at play and would need to be addressed.

Take Care,

Dr. Kamran Jafri

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