Cheek Implant Fungal Infection?

I had cheek implants 7 years ago; 5 years ago I had (non-cosmetic) jaw surgery, during which the implants had to be unexpectedly removed and then replaced. Since that time, I had several infections, and had the implants removed 10 days ago. The infection was cultured, and it turned out to be a zygomycetes, a highly dangerous type of fungus. Assuming the fungus is cleared, in 7 months would it be really risky to have new implants? Or would another filler be much safer? Thanks.

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Zygomycosis and Implants

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          This infection is rarely seen, especially in immunocompetent individuals.  Are you diabetic, on chronic steroid therapy, something else that is causing you to be immunodeficient?  Immunocompetent or immunocompromised, I would not recommend ever putting in an implant again.  I would not recommend any filler either.  This type of infection needs to be treated aggressively, and it hopefully has been.  You never want to deal with this pathogen or underestimate it. 

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