Cheek Implant for 19 year old, Asymetrical, Flat Face

I am 19 years old boy with very asymmetrical face, also my face is very flat, seems that I have no cheek. is there any way to get prominent cheek with 2 cm thickness and also make that even?

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Cheek implants will not provide 2 cm augmentation

Cheeks implants can be performed to augment the cheekbones, but the augmentation is only in the 4 to 5 mm range, not 2 cm range. These are placed through an intraoral incision over the malar bone to give fullness and contour to the cheek area. If there are facial asymmetries present, a cheek implant can be shaved down to create symmetry between the cheeks once the implants are placed.

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Flat asymmetric cheek improvement

To treat flat cheeks, some of the best procedures do not involve implants.

First you should be evaluated to determine if you have a congenital problem with the growth of your midface. A thorough exam of the way your teeth meet would also be necessary. If your bony structure is "normal", except for some deficiency in the cheeks, then a cosmetic procedure is right for you.

In my experience, fat grafting from other parts of your body is probably going to be the safest, and most natural appearing way to get your face looking more symmetric. The projection or fullness of your cheeks can be addressed, and symmetry can be restored with the flexible and highly customizable procedure.

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Treatment of a Flat Face

Cheek inplants can ibe used to improve symmetry , projection, and contour in a " flat face". If you are a young man who participates in sports or activities with a high risk of facial trauma you should consider fillers such as Radiesse. Although not permanent (they typically last 12-18 months) you will avoid the risk of implant movement with a blow to the face.

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