After Cheek Implants, Why is My Face Ball-Like?

I had a cheek implant before 1 year and 5 months.There`s more swelling in the right face then in the left face (leading to asymetry for now).I look like a ball-face sometimes and sometimes more sculpted and less ball-like face . I don`t know when this nightmare is going to stop. I`m hiding from people. Do big cheek implants or small sheek implants make the face ball-like looking? And can it be that I must still wait to get rid of this ball appearance? (hint: I still have swelling,bruising a little

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Cheek implants appearance long term

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If you are that far out from your cheek implants and not happy with the results, I would see your treating surgeon to discuss options for either removal or repositioning of the implants. A ball-like appearance typically means larger implants were used.

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