Is This Cheek Hollowness? What Can Be Used to Help with my Outer Corner Bags?

I am about to be 25 and in the last year I have really started to lose a lot of fat under my eyes..I used to have a really full face and have noticed I started getting small outer corner bags last year which now look even worst. I have always used eye creams since my teens and don't know what else to do since it makes me feel older. I rarely drink and never smoke, use obagi, and vivite and nothing has helped. What can I do to make this look better?

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Treatment of eyelid bags

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In my opinion this is not cheek hollowness. The photo shows thinning of soft tissue over the bone rim under the eye. That makes the fat inside the eyelid look like it is sticking out more than it really is. Given your age and what is visible in the photo I would think your best bet is an injectable filler. Just choose your doctor carefully so you get a smooth result without lumps.

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Lower Eyelid Treatment Options

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The changes you are noticing are due to thinning of the skin and soft tissues around the eye, descent of cheek soft tissue, and mild bulging of the fat pads under the eye. These changes occur with aging but can  occur in individuals at a younger age due to heredity.  I would first recommend a non surgical option using Restylane to fill in the areas that appear "sunken" or "hollow".  Restylane is a great first step to try because it is not permanent and reversible. At some point, you may decide to proceed with lower eyelid surgery.

Cynthia Gregg, MD
Raleigh-Durham Facial Plastic Surgeon

Is This Cheek Hollowness? What Can Be Used to Help with my Outer Corner Bags?

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You do appear to have small fat bags on the outside of the lower eyelids.  If this bothers you, at this time a lower eyelid surgery could remove these fat bags.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Traditionally surgery was used to address this.

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However, now I would recommend having this area carefully filled with Restylane.  The treatment lasts a couple of years and will help restore the under eye area.  I think this is a much better option than surgery for you.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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