Asymmetric Swelling and Numbness After Cheek Implants

Two weeks after Cheek Augmentation, the left cheek is more swollen and there is numbness and left lip appears to be a little lower (dropped) then the right. I asked the surgeon, and I was told that he visualized the nerve and is positive that he did not cut it. What is the time frame for the sensitivity and functionality to recover? When should I consider the removal of the implants? Will the sensation come back after the removal of the implants?

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Continue to follow with your Surgeon

Hello MiaVi,

The best thing for you to do is to continue to follow with your Surgeon.

2 weeks out from cheek implants is still relatively early in the healing process and you may simply need more time for healing to occur (specifically if the nerve that provides sensation to the cheek was stretched during surgery and also to allow the muscles-skin-fat of the cheek on the left side to have the swelling go away). Also by seeing your Surgeon you can make sure no other process is going on (fluid or blood collection, infection, motor nerve injury).

With all of this taken into consideration I would say it is far too soon to consider removing the implants. Unless the nerve was actually injured (not just stretched) then taking out the implants will not bring back the sensation any sooner.

So please do continue to follow closely with your Surgeon and set yourself a minimal time frame of 4-6 weeks to allow some more healing to occur.

Thank you.

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Swelling and Numbness after Cheek Implants

Asymmetric swelling immediately after cheek implants is common. This will resolve. Look at your pre-operative pictures- you may not have been symmetrical before surgery. It could take up to 2-3 months for sensation to return. Your surgeon said he saw the nerve, which can be clearly identified during the surgery. It will do absolutely no good to remove the implant. Be patient.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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