Facial Injections to Fix Sunken Cheeks?

I am a 21 year old male, and all my life been skinny. My cheeks are very sunken and make me look sickly even. I would like to get them filled. What is your advice on this? Or maybe it is not the cheeks but a different problem. Here is a picture: (Thankful for your advice)

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Facial injections to fix sunken cheeks

You have several options as far as injectable agents for this problem. Fat transfer or liposculpture is a good option if you have enough donor supply around the lower trunk and leg areas. Plan on 2 sessions for long term results. Sculptra is also a very good agent for this which has the added benefit of new collagen formation and dermal thickening. Plan on 3 sessions about 6 weeks apart for long term results. Other fillers include Radiesse and the hyaluronic acid gels (Juvederm, Restylane, etc) and Evolence as well as others which are currently FDA approved. Submalar implants are permanent and can be placed through the intraoral route via incisions under the upper lip, but this is a surgical procedure requiring anesthesia. I advise consulting with a facial plastic surgeon who has experience with all of these options.

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Cheek Injections

You have multiple choices to better define you cheeks. There are fillers which include Sculptra, Radiesse, or Juvederm. Using your own fat has the advantage of being more permanent.

Permanent cheek implants should also be considered. Viewing the one picture you submitted, I cannot tell if malar or submalar implants would be best. Discuss all of your alternatives, including the advatages of each, during your consultations.

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