Porex for Cheek or Tear Troughs Area?

Is it more recommendable to use Porex for cheeks or tear troughs than silicone implants? Why or why not? Can I shape my own custom implants for the Porex implants as well? Thank you.

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Porex and silicone are permanent implants. Although both have their place in cosmetic surgery they are the the be all to end all. First the tear trough is a very thin skinned area. Placing a permanent implant in this area would allow it to be seen. Cheeks are much the same way unless there is adequate overlying skin and fat.

My recommendation is either fat transfer, a lower lid fat redraping if the lower lids have issues or fillers. I like to use Radiesse in these areas. Sometimes I will add a hyaluronic acid filler more superficial if needed.

Silicone and erode through the skin. Porex is better is needed.

Try some Restylane first

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Before jumping into any kind of permanent implant, it would be wise to try some Restylane and see exactly what kind of a change works best for you. You will have a result that should last about 1 year and you might just keep on doing it this way as most people do. As you age and your own anatomy changes, the injections can be customized to suit your changing needs.

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