Solution for Cheek Dents?

I suffer from "cheek dents" and have tried fillers with no luck...I would like to know if the ligaments that have been said to be creating the problems are attaching the skin to the bone, and if so, can those ligaments be cut to release the skin and stop the "dents"?

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Consider Autologous Fat Grafting

Hello Ms. Dent,

From your question I am assuming you mean your "naso-labial folds" or the deep wrinkle that runs from the corners of your nose down towards your mouth. You may also be referring to actual depressions that are on your cheeks higher up (the malar area).

Either way if you have tried fillers without success, the first thing to consider is which filler did you use? Currently there are are several types of fillers available and while their goals are the same they act by different mechanisms and have different success rates to "flll in dents" in different parts of the face. I would discuss this with the Physician you have gone to for fillers.

The "ligaments" you are refferring to actually attach the deeper part of the skin to the underlying muscle layers. In turn there are specific attachements of the muscle to the underlying facial bones. The skin itself does not attach directly to the bone and therefore "cutting them" will not release or eliminate the dent.

One option to consider is Autologous Fat Injections. This is where your own fat is harvested, purified and then injected into areas of the face where there is volume deficit (ie. dents, wrinkles). The amount of fat that survives can be variable and some areas are better for injecting than others. When done properly and in experienced hands it can be a highly effective solution to volume deficit problems.

At any rate it is another option worth looking in to if injectable fillers have not been succesful for you -- good luck to you!

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Many solutions for cheek dents


Patients have many solutions for the recontouring of their cheeks. Dermal fillers such as Sculptra or radius can be used effectively. Your best bet is to be evaluated by board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist with extensive experience in cheek augmentation and these fillers. Review with them your previous history of fillers and how much of each filler you had received. You may consider using a fillers such as Radiesse Perlane or another compound known as Sculptra

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Several options for cheek dents

The dents that occur in the cheek can be congenital or traumatic. If fillers have been unsuccessful, fascia grafts taken from the neck or behind the ear can be inserted underneath this area for augmentation. Dermal and fat grafts can also be used. These can be done under local anesthetic and work quite well, and can give an excellent cosmetic result.

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