How to Check a Surgeon's Work?

I am wanting to get what is in fact I think a mini facelift although the surgeon calls it by another name in Beverly Hills. Although there seems to be a lot about him in the media and on his website, I can not find any independent imformation from clients reviewing his work. How do I go about checking up on his work and if there have been any problems?

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Be Certain- not Sorry- about your surgeons credentials

The decision to have any kind of plastic surgery shouldn’t be entered into lightly, as an elective alteration to your face is a serious medical matter. When choosing the right physician for your facial surgery, trust, training, and expertise are everything. Understand your physicians credentials: there are hundreds of “named” cosmetic surgery academies and societies but only surgeons truly credentialed by American Board of Plastic Surgery and/or American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (and its sub-specialty board American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) are board certified to perform your plastic surgery procedures. Just because your surgeon is board certified it does not guarantee a safe and successful outcome. State Medical Board are an effective way to confirm your surgeons standing with regard to discinplinary actions and lawsuits. As well, consult your family doctor, local aesthetician, or even your hairdresser to find the best referrals are from a satisfied patient, a physician or someone you trust in the aesthetic industry. However, board certification is the most basic and minimal criteria to start evaluating your surgeon. The rest depends on training, skill, experience, judgment, talent, and ethics, among other qualities. Best of luck with your Mini-lift.

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Mini facelifyt doctor in Beverly Hills

I think I know who you are referring to and I am not impressed by his credentials, or his results - but he is certainly impressed with himself!

No reason to come half way across the world for this. There are many outstanding plastic surgeons in Australia. Go to several whose photos look great to you and see if one becomes a good fit.

But stay away from the guys who name surgeries after themselves - I consider that a big red flag!

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Named minilifts - what do they mean?

Why would you travel all the way from Australia to Beverly Hills to get a branded minilift? That's like traveling to Beverly Hills for a Pinto!

You can check certain objective things. Does the surgeon have an academic credential with a major university? In Beverly Hills that would UCLA or USC.

If they are on the Clinical faculty, that is a good sign. Associate Clinical Professor means they have a national reputation, as determined by the university (many doctors think they are world famous; their colleagues' opinions are more sanguine...). Where did they train? Is it a top university you have heard of or a place you have not?

Are they members of the ASAPS (Aesthetic Society), ASPS (Society for Board certified plastic surrgeons) and certified by the American Board of Surgery?

Remember, anybody with $39 and a computer can brand their own minilift. What goes on in the OR is completely different from what the before-after pictures show in the vast majority of cases with the minilift.

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Finding a qualified surgeon

A qualified, experienced surgeon should have no problem providing you with before and after pictures and patient testimonials about his work. Additionally, he should be able to answer all of your questions without any hesitation. Please spend time doing your research on the surgeon to make sure he is in fact qualified to perform your surgery. Doctor review sites in which patients review their experiences with a doctor can be a great resource.

If you are hesitant, consider consulting more than 1 surgeon. Finding an expert facial plastic surgeon is one of the most important aspects of your entire facelift process.

The link below will take you to my guide to choosing a cosmetic surgeon.

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Finding your mini face lift surgeon

 I am always amazed to see answers by other surgeons when asked to evaluate their peers.  Can they ever truly be objective?  I, do not believe, that all plastic and cosmetic surgeons are created equal after more than 20 years in the business.  The level of training, experience and aesthetic judgement can and does vary among surgeons no matter their society or academic affiliations.  You should always follow you gut instincts.  if you believe the quality and experience is the same in Australia, then you should definitely have your procedure there.  If not, you may need to travel for what you feel is better for you.

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Clarifying a "mini-lift" with your surgeon

In general,  a mini-facelift will tighten the face and jowls, but not the neck or brow.  There are so many "cute" marketing names for cosmetic procedures these days, it can be very confusing to figure out which procedure you are having.  You should clarify with your surgeon exactly what will and will not be treated, where the scars will be, and what realistic expectations you should have.  You are certainly within your rights to ask to speak with a few patients to hear about their experiences with this surgeon.

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Surgeon's work

The best way to find out about the surgeon's work is to ask some of his prior patients on their experience.  This is always helpful.  But remember after you have it done, you should return the favor to future prospective patients.

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Confirmation of Your Surgeon's Work

Ask to speak with several of their past patients who had similar surgery to your proposed procedure. You should also see plenty of photos of their work in that particular area. There are also many testimonial websites out there that offer reviews of different plastic surgeons. These include, yelp and even this site here.

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Look, ask, and inspect doctor's work

Ask to talk with some of the plastic surgeon's patients, look at his website and his pre-post op photos and if you see something that looks weird or abnormal, then maybe look elsewhere!

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Mini facelifts


The best way to check a surgeons work is to look at before and afters of the surgeon on his/her  website and talk to 2 or 3 of  the surgeons patients. You can also check to see if the surgeon has had any lawsuits or disciple nary actions by checking on state medical board websites.

Make sure the website pics are actual patients of the surgeon.

Media is bought just as easy as advertising.



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