Best/cheapest Way to Fix my Teeth? (photo)

My top three front teeth on the right side of my mouth are a bit crooked,since my right canine grew in crooked/too much to the left (though there was room for it to grow in straight) and pushed my right lateral and central incisor down/to the left. My teeth on the top left side are all straight, but I have room for all my top teeth to be straight. Though I don't mind my uneven bottom teeth, I'd like my top three teeth to be pushed into place or otherwise fixed. Are there any cheap,easy options?

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The least expensive method is orthodontic treatment!

Your least expensive method is orthodontic treatment.  You most expensive method is veneers.  Your teeth esthetically look fine they just need to be aligned orthodontically and possibly some mild bonding and/or contouring at the end of treatment to restore the natural shape of the front teeth.  You should seek a consultation with an orthodontic specialist to hear all the treatment option so you can make the right decision for yourself.


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