Need Cheap Lipo For Arm Holes Post Arm Liposuction, Suggestions?

I need good price to fix lipo arms hole and unevenness tired of covering arms sue from nj

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Unevenness after Liposuction

If you have contour deformaties after liposuction then you may need additional liposuction or fat grafting.  Without seeing pictures or examining you in person, it is difficult to give you specific advice or costs.


Good Luck

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Cheap lipo for arm holes...

Hi Luckysue-

Liposuction is a great way to decrease the size of your arms provided you have good elastic skin.  It may be possible to perform this procedure with local anesthesia alone which would decrease the price of the overall procedure.  In general, the surgeon's fee for liposuction of one area in the tri-state area ranges from $2000-$4000.  I suggest you go in for a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon so that all of your concerns can be addressed--nothing beats a physical exam!

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