Why Would a Fraxel Treatment Be So Cheap?

The dermatologist where I would have the Fraxel done and charges $200. How come it costs way less than the thousands that other people pay for? Is that like a cheap version or anything?

I checked the Fraxel website and he is listed as a dermatologist that does the treatment.

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Buyer beware!

The genuine Fraxel treatment uses a very expensive tip. The cost to the doctor to do Fraxel is several hundred dollars. I think it is unlikely that you are getting the real deal as it would make no sense to not cover the cost of the equipment, much less doctor or technician time. There are "knock-offs" of Fraxel, but even they should cost several hundred dollars. I am really not sure what you are getting. Be sure the doctor is indeed a board certified dermatologist, too.

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