Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get Cheap Boxox in the Midlands (UK)?

I can only see offers for 2 or 3 areas but i only need one (crows feet) Once a lady had a offer of 100 pounds for one area but ive not came across this since. 100 pounds for one area is all i can afford. Can anyone reccomend anyone please.

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Cheap Botox?

I will advise you of my personal practice and that is to give the patient what they aesthetically need and desire. I do not charge my patients per area I charge per unit and place those units in the exact areas that need treatment. I tell them ahead of time how many units will be needed to properly treat the area. This will vary from patient to patient with their needs and wants. I would not do a special and sell someone three areas when all they need is the glabellar region or crows feet...consultations are typically free of charge...I would consult with several surgeons explain what you want and get some price quotes for you individually as each treatment should be individualized!!

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