My scarring after my breast augmentation through the areola does not look good at all. (photos)

I am almost 1 year post surgery and my scars are very visible and severe (in my opinion). I honestly feel more insecure with my breasts the way they are now because of all the scarring than before my breat augmentation. I can not wear certain clothes without my scars showing. I have contacted my plastic surgeon several times asking her what she could do to fix it &she is now saying that she is going to charge me an extra $1500 to fix what she has messed up and I don't feel like that is my place

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Scars are unpredictable

One of the greatest challenges for plastic surgeons is the unpredictable of scarring for an individual.  With that said, you should not accept these scars without an attempt at revision.  I agree with other surgeons here regarding using a permanent suture. This can help to set the size of the areola and prevent the surrounding skin from pulling and stretching the scar. 

It is more difficult to give advice on cost because there are so many variables.  For example are you talking about an office procedure or a surgery center.  Will there be other revisions or just the scar.  Try to speak with your surgeon honestly.  Most likely she does not feel that she "messed up" your scars as compared to her view that your scars just did not heal as nicely as other patients usually do.  Think of it as a team effort between you and your surgeon to get the best outcome.

Good luck.  I hope you can get the results you seek with a revision.

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Poor scarring

I'm sorry to hear of your scarring complication.  Although scarring is partially due to the way an individual heals, incision closure technique also plays a significant role.  I believe periareolar incisions like your's in the case of a circumareolar mastopexy combined with breast augmentation should be closed with a permanent suture in a purse-string fashion so as to prevent widening over time.  Your scars should be a relatively easy fix but be sure to seek someone who creates nice scars for all of their patients based on before and after photos.  Consult with one or more board certified plastic surgeons to discuss your options.  I'd be happy to see you in consultation at no charge given your hardship.  Best wishes!

Nicholas Tarola, MD
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Poor scarring around areola

I can certainly see from your photographs what your concern is. This can be revised with a peri-areolar type mastopexy. Waiting several months  for a year in your case is certainly helpful to loosen up the skin to allow for the scar to be re-excised and then closed. As far as the fees for revisions, these are variable amongst different surgeons and it's my opinion that they should be delineated prior to the first procedure ever being done. I would certainly approach your plastic surgeon with a positive attitude and ask her if she feels  confident that she can improve this with the secondary touchup. Best of luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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