Are the retainers typically an additional cost or are they included in the initial cost?

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Retainers are Included

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I feel retainers should be included in the fee for any orthodontic therapy as they are an integral part of maintaining the results of all of the hard work by both the dentist or orthodontist and the patient.  Unfortunately I have seen how a lower fee may be advertised for Invisalign, but those offices have additional charges for other procedures such as records, any refinements that may be needed and retainers which unfortunately results in the total fee for the orthodontic treatment actually costing more than what the patient presumed.It is important a prospective patient always ask exactly what is included in the fee quoted for treatment. My fee for Invisalign includes Retainers, all refinements if any are needed, initial impressions for any study models and Clincheck development so there is never a surprise later.I hope this has been helpful.Douglas Jopling, DDSDallas, Texas area

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