What is the best way to remove surgical strips? (Photo)

I need to try and remove the strips before my next appointment according to my after care sheet.. My surgery was on Monday27 and my next appt is on July 6

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Removing surgical tape

It appears as though your surgeon has used paper tape over your suture lines.  Paper tape makes a wonderful dressing and the tapes are pretty easy to remove.  I'd wait until your return appointment is close at hand and then take a tweezers and lift up one corner of the tape.  It looks like some of your tapes overlap.  Look for the piece on top and start there.  Lift the tape off slowly (It won't hurt like a bandaid coming off!) these tape strips tend to be gentle on the skin but you need to be gentle, too.  

If if the whole idea of taking off your tapes makes you uncomfortable, don't!!! It's really not asking too much to have your doctor or a doctor's team member to do this for you.  It's a typical part of post-op care.

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