Dental Bone Graft appears to be failing after 15 years. Your advice?

Bone Grafting materials (non-resorbable hydroxyapatite particles i think) seem to be coming out of a fistula that has formed above the pontic site when bone graft was given. Last year, i had some sinus area pain which went away and a "zit " formed in general area. The zit opened up to reveal a small particle (bone graft particle). Doctor said maybe it just broke away from grafting site. Now more and more are coming out of site. What are your thoughts. thoughts!

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Failing Bone Graft?

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Seek a second opinion from a reputable oral surgeon. While not having the opportunity to examine you, I would say you probably need to have the site opened up and cleaned out. Possibly with addition of some new bone grafting material which can be resorbed and remodeled by your body - Allograft.
Hank D. Michael, DMD - General, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

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