Why is one of my eyes smaller? This condition is very noticeable when I am tired. (photo)

One of my eyes is noticeably smaller and have been asked by friends and families several times. This worsens when I am tired and I am very concerned

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Your droopy eyelid is likely the result of ptosis.

No one is perfectly symmetrical, but some people’s asymmetry is more pronounced than others. Judging from your photo, you appear to have a sagging upper eyelid which can easily be corrected with eyelid surgery. However, it’s important to have your eye checked out in person by a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery procedures. In most cases, a drooping eyelid is congenital or can occur as part of the aging process, but your plastic surgeon should be able to rule out other causes for your ptosis.

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Ptosis on the right

From your photo, it appears that you have ptosis of the right upper lid. I am an oculoplastic surgeon in your area and would be glad to talk with you about your eyelid problem. Ptosis may be repaired in an office setting with minimal down time. Best wishes.

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You have ptosis of the right upper eyelid.  This can be repaired surgically.  See an oculoplastic surgeon who can evaluate your eyelid muscles to determine which surgery would be best for you.  

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Eye smaller due to eyelid ptosis

You have asymmetric upper eyelid ptosis (droopy upper eyelids). The treatment is upper eyelid ptosis surgery, which can be done under local anesthesia or conscious sedation. See following video and link and see an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Eyelid ptosis

You have right upper eyelid ptosis, or a droopy eyelid. This should be evaluated by an oculoplastic surgeon. It can likely be corrected by a simple surgery, but it is important to understand what is causing it first.  See the ASOPRS website to find a surgeon in your area.

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Why is one of my eyes smaller?


Thank you for your question and answer. Consult an oculoplastic surgeon who will evaluate your case. 

Good luck

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