Very unhappy and upset with droopy, mismatched breasts after full anchor lift and augmentation. What should I do? (Photos)

4 months post up with full anchor breast lift and augmentation with 450cc gummy bear. Already significant drooping with mismatched nipples. One nipple is much larger than the other. I have no cleavage and feel smaller now than I did prior to surgery ( with padded bra). I asked for a 'DD perky look'. Less about size and more unhappy with droop and asymmetry. What can I do??

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Unhappy with droop and asymmetry

Thanks for your question and the photos. It would probably be helpful to see preop photos to give the most accurate information. If you had asymmetries prior, they are likely the result of postop differences. All in all  I think you have a good result. Basically, it looks like your skin has relatively poor elasticity given the stretch marks. My guess is that your shape looked better early and then began to stretch because the skin envelope wasn't strong enough to handle the weight of the implant. If a smaller implant had been placed, then there would not be the same volume so it's a double edge sword.The areolar asymmetry can be addressed but it would have to be re-excised. Sometimes one side just heals differently even though the same procedure was done. IMO a bigger implant would initially fill part of the envelope out but would then start pulling all over again. Consideration could be given to use Strattice or Galaflex to help internally support things. Cleavage is something your bra creates and you don't have an abnormal gap.

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