Will a revision mastopexy help me? (Photo)

I received an anchor incision full breast lift with augmentation 450CC HP Gummy implants 4 months ago. As soon as the swelling went down at about 2 months, they started to sag almost immediately. At my 4 month post op, my PS said he can redo the lift and remove a lot more skin, of course with a charge of $2,000. Will this help? What will stop them from sagging immediately all over again? Is this worth it to do? I am very unhappy. I was wanting perky breasts, not droopy mismatched ones :(

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Revision Mastopexy


Yes, it looks like a revision mastopexy would benefit your results with better nipple position, areolar symmetry, and mound shape. Augmentation mastopexy carries a higher risk of complications, including insufficient lift. Secondary surgery by a revision breast specialist will likely fix these issues. Best of luck! Instagram: drgeraldminniti

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Will a revision mastopexy help me?

It is important to explain to our mastopexy patients that they need a lift because their skin is damaged. Their skin is like an elastic waist band that has been ripped - the elastic fibers are broken and the elasticity disappears. We do not know how to repair this damage; no one does. Regardless of what the plastic surgeon does in the operating room, the skin the patient takes home is the same damaged skin. I always stress that the breasts are as full, round, perky and firm as they will ever be when the patient is leaving the operating room on the day of surgery. Subsequently, for every hour that passes, the breasts will settle and the upper fullness will decrease. Typically there is significant settling in the first 3 or 4 months, then the result tends to plateau. Also I make it clear to my patients that large implants are not compatible with breast lifts: the larger the implant the faster and the greater the settling after surgery. You have fairly large implants at 450 cc; while I would like to suggest that you would do well with a revision, you must consider the possibility that you will not see much improvement once the dust settles. All the best.

Aug pexy issues

This can happen, and you have a nice result.  The problem is that you have competing interests when it comes to an augmentation/mastopexy.  You want to lift, and you want volume.  But, implants can be heavy, and they can cause sagging/weight and the skin can stretch out, and the implant can settle.  I frequently do small implants when I'm combining them, and sometimes I do them in two stages.  Anyways, you can do a couple things now.  You can remove the implant and see if that allows your breasts to lift/recoil.  If so, great. If not, then you should get a re-do lift to get it all back to where you want it.  Lastly, after you're happy, then do a small aug if you still feel you need a little volume.  That's a very conservative approach, but this can be a tough problem.  I don't think your PS did anything wrong at all.  Everyone has different approaches.

Will a revision mastopexy help me?

Your breast have settled from surgery.  Based on your photos, you have a nice result.  In general, a minor revision can easily be done in an office setting.  You are the only one that can make that decision.

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