Voluma injected in the wrong place? What can I do ? (photos)

Hi , I had voluma injected into my cheeks and restylane under my eyes about a week ago. I feel like the result was not what I was looking for. I see no difference in the check area and a very little difference under the eyes. I still feel like my cheeks look very flat ... 

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Too soon to judge your results

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It is too soon to judge your results. It could take 2-3 weeks for the swelling to subside and for the filler to really take effect. For now, be patient and wait. However, if you are still unhappy with your results at that time then schedule an appointment with your surgeon to talk about reversing the filler.


Kouros Azar

Voluma for the cheeks and Restylane for the eyes?

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Thank you for your question and photos.  It may be a bit early to judge the results of the filler, I would wait another week to decide if you do not like the results and want to add more/take some away.  Luckily, it is easy to add additional Voluma to the cheeks.  Many physicians prefer to be more conservative with filler as it is very easy to add more in than it is to remove (although that is possible as well).  This is especially true for under the eyes as this region can swell and bruise if one is too overzealous with the filler.  It is probably best to go back to your treating physician to see if you can get a touch up, if needed.  Best wishes to you.

Natalie Attenello, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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More Voluma?

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I agree from your photos that your cheeks look somewhat flat.  More information would help us give you better advice.  How many syringes were injected is a good start.

Each patients has different needs to get the results they want.  Discuss this with your doctor, or find a new one if you don't like the results you got and/or the response you get.

My feeling is that you do need more Voluma.  Make sure you are going to an excellent injector.

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I see no difference in the check area after voluma injections = ? amount of voluma injected? #voluma #cheeks

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Voluma is a soft tissue filler that is excellent to augment the cheeks thus giving a rejuvenated look ( like when using cheek implants). Depending on the anatomy of the patient and the amount of volume depletion of the face, patients may beed few or many syringes of voluma to achieve their goal.

In my practice, patients that would like to have an augmented cheek area both in the anterior portion o the cheeks ( cheek bellow the eyes) and lateral cheek ( cheek towards the ears) may need up to at least 2  syringes of voluma per side ( 4 total), Sometimes, patients may require up to 6 or some times more syringes to achieve the desired result. 

Patients interested in cheek augmentation with soft tissue fillers like Voluma  should make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery procedures of the face

John Mesa, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Can get more

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The good news is that Voluma can be repeated.
If there is not enough for you look, more can be added.
Plus, if there is too much, Voluma can be dissolved with hyaluroinidase.
See you doctor about adding more and expressing your concerns.

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