If you have a vaginal prolapse and have never had any children can you still have kids?

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Prolapse surgery prior to Having Babies

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Symptomatic uterine prolapse is unusual in younger women, especially prior to childbirth, however it does happen!! If it is symptomatic and affecting the quality of life, then yes, you should consider getting a repair done, even if you haven't had children yet. If you are trying to get pregnant currently, or envision a pregnancy in the next year or so, then you should try to go forward with the pregnancy and get a repair following either a vaginal delivery or C-section depending on how the pregnancy goes and the recommendations of your Ob/Gyn (prolapse by itself is not necessarily an indication for C-section). You definitely should consult a Board Certified Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgeon. We recommend laparoscopic approach to Uterine Sparing surgery in young women that are considering future pregnancy. This typically is a Laparoscopic Uterine Suspension (Hysteropexy) and support of the anterior vaginal wall/bladder with a laparoscopic paravaginal repair. We have had several women go on to have full-term viable pregnancy following this repair. After a repair like this, a C-section is necessary for delivery. For more information on this type of procedure please check the website link below.

Dr Robert D Moore, FACOG, FPMRS

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Dear BrownK

If you have uterine vaginal prolapse and you have never had children you can definitely have children in the future if you were capable and fertile in the first place.   One of the problems with inexperienced surgeons is they do not understand if your uterus has fallen it does NOT need to be removed.   It can be supported with 98% support for  at least 5 years ( it has not been studied longer) .  You can also have a vaginoplasty or rejuvenation performed to tighten your vagina if you so desire.  

If you only have vaginal prolapse this too can be fixed with or without vaginal rejuvenation and this also does NOT affect future childbearing.

When choosing a surgeon please choose wisely what you are asking about is not just cosmetic surgery but also vaginal reconstructive  surgery.  Choose a surgeon who is well versed in both. This is one of the most important investments in your life.

John R Miklos MD
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You can have children if you have prolapse

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If the degree of prolapse is severe and the cervix is exposed, you should have corrective surgery before attempting pregnancy. If not, the choice to repair is more individualized. There are several surgical options and they are similar to those done in women without a uterus. This is a type of pelvic reconstructive surgery performed by some gynecologists and most urogynecologists. I do these procedures primarily with laparoscopy as an outpatient procedure in the hospital OR.

Yes, you can have children if you have prolapse

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Thank you for your great question. Vaginal prolapse doesn't make you less fertile and if you do get pregnant you may have a natural delivery. If you were to correct your prolapse and then get pregnant you should consider a Cesarean Section which is why it's recommended to wait to have your repair till after you're finished with childbearing.
You should visit with you Ob/Gyn for an examination and further recommendations.
Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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Vaginal prolapse ahead of problems

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It is so unusual to have prolapse of vagina/uterus without pregnancy forces--are you sure? You might need another opinion on this--did your OBGYN say this? or did you assess yourself? Certainly this has nothing to do with having children by vaginal birth or c-section. Is there more to your question than is evident here?

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