My eyes have been uneven since birth, not sure if I need only one, or both eyelids surgery? (photo)

. my vision is fine. what kind of surgeon do I need to see for cosmetic correction? . thank you

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Ptsosis And Droopy Eye Can Be Corrected With Eyelid Surgery

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From the photo it looks like you probably have left-eye ptosis and perhaps some in your right eye as well. This can be corrected by a ptosis repair. Be sure to find someone who has long years of experience treating eyelid ptosis successfully. Most likely the muscles underneath the lids will need tightening and excess skin will be removed. I hope this helps.

Congenital eyelid ptosis

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You likely have congenital left upper eyelid ptosis and should be candidate for ptosis surgery. See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation.

Eyelid position asymmetry

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Thanks for the question.  Based on the photos, it appears you have ptosis or drooping of both eyelids worse on the left than right.  An full consultation would be needed to confirm this diagnosis.  Once this diagnosis is confirmed on exam, a ptosis correction procedure would be recommended.  Most likely both eyes would have to be treated but a full consultation will determine if this is the case.

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Left Eyelid Ptosis

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You have Ptosis (drooping) of the left upper eyelid.  If this has been present since birth, it is called "congenital ptosis". A ptosis repair operation such as a levator advancement or muellerectomy should nicely correct the problem.  Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon, and get it fixed!

Best of luck to you!

Ptosis repair

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Your photo suggests that you have ptosis which is worse on the left than the right. I would recommend seeing an experienced oculoplastic surgeon for accurate measurements and treatment. A skin incision is best for refining the lid crease, lid fold, lid contour, level and symmetry. Operating from the back of the lid takes out normal tissue - in my opinion this is a bad idea - other opinions are out there. Oculoplastic surgeons operate on eyelids more frequently than other surgeons, have micro-surgical training, and are best equipped to handle your eyelid problem as well as any potential post-operative complications that arise such as lagophthalmos, corneal problems, or asymmetry. Best wishes with your decision.

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