What size calf implants do I need?

What size calf implants do I need? Got a consultation w a plastic surgeon and he recommended one medium and one small for each leg. Is the medium too big for me? I am a petite 5 ft tall, 106 lbs. looking for lower legs proportionate to my thighs and the rest of my body.

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Calf Implant Size

When it comes to calf implant size I would not worry about being too big .As it is always a matter of getting in the biggest implants that the calf pocket can accommodate to create enough of an external effect. Calf implant results are rarely ever too big but more commonly not enough. Your options are either four small calf implants or one set of small for the lateral head of the muscle and one set of mediums for the medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle. The inner calf implant size is more important than the outer one.

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