Does removing just the dorsal hump & having osteotomies, but no tip work cause the tip/base of the nose to look wider? (Photo)

My doctor said my tip was ascetically pleasing and I told him I liked my front view but now I'm scared it's changed and now looks too wide. I'm two weeks post op. He said he did osteotomies too.

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Your profile looks nice and you are probably right that it is wider. This is likely due to swelling.  Once the swelling comes down it will likely go back to where it was before.

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Hello and thank you for your question. Don't worry--you are still very swollen.  Nasal tip swelling takes much longer than dorsal swelling to resolve.  Looks like you will have a great result.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
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First of all, thank you for the pictures.  It looks as though your profile really looks spot on.  As far as the question - GREAT question.  This is often something that we will bring up during consultation depending on your anatomy (what i mean by that is a combination of thickness of the skin, strength and definition of the cartilages, alar width, etc).  Often times, yes, you do need to do even minor tweeking to the nasal tip. That being said, there are cases where you do not have to do anything even though there is extensive bony and midvault work done.  

That being said, your frontal view is early on and you are certainly still swollen.  Give it time.  It sounds like you had a good surgeon who went over things in detail with you.  Best of luck! You are looking great already for 2 weeks.  

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How the nose changes...

That is a great question. The nose is a complex part of the face. Like any complex shape, changing one part can alter the 'perception' of other parts. The best cosmetic nose surgeons take this into consideration when performing surgery. 

One thing I recommend, is seeing a surgeon who can take your photo and adjust them on their computer. You can then get an idea how changing one part will affect the rest of your nose. 

You are correct, that if you narrow the upper party, the lower part can look different, but often, its so subtle it is not a problem. 

I posted an article on this topic for you.

Dr James Bonaparte

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