Recovery from a traditional butt lift (photo)

Hi! I want to have a traditional butt lift (I do not want implants) next summer. My question is that my son will be going off to college at the end of that summer and I will need to drive him there (9-hour drive). How much time between the procedure and sitting in a car for that long? Any tips--- how often should I stop and for how long? Etc? Thank you!

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Recovery Butt lift

Hello, nice to answer your question.

The recommended recovery time of this surgical procedure is 15- 30 days, with intermediate range of 21 days.
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Fat transfer / recovery

Thanks for your question. After the transfer of fat in the buttocks you must wait a period so the fat can be  integrated and it is safe to travel sitting for so long. You should expect to wait 6-8 weeks for this to happen completely.

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Traditional Butt Lift

If you have a butt lift with the fat transfer procedure, you should be fine to drive as long as a few weeks have passed since the procedure.  With any long trip following surgery, you should stop frequently and walk around and make sure you drink plenty of fluids.  

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