What is the recommended amount of time to wait in between 2 different procedures?

I would like to get rhinoplasty and a Brazilian butt lift. I know it is to recommend to get both procedures at once. What is the safest and recommended amount of time to wait in between both procedures?

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Time to Wait between BBL and Rhinoplasty

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I am a facial plastic surgeon, so I cannot give much insight on how long you would need to wait after a BBL to have a rhinoplasty.  If you had a rhinoplasty first, I would recommend you waiting 10-12 weeks before having your BBL.  This would allow enough time for your nose to heal.  

I hope this helps.  

It depends...

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If you want the BBL first, then you could have the rhinoplasty whenever you feel recovered from the BBL - could be 2-3 months at the earliest.  If you want the rhinoplasty first, then I agree that it's not optimal to be lying on your belly while recovering from rhinoplasty, so I would wait minimum 3, if not 6 months.  Good luck!

Safe amount of time between a Rhinoplasty and Brazilian butt lift

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It is probably best to wait at least one to two months between the surgical procedures, since both procedures are performed under general anesthesia.  Positioning during the surgery and afterwards makes both procedures quite difficult to perform together. 

BBL & Rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question.

I would recommend having your BBL performed first seeing as you will have to lay on your stomach for the first 3 weeks which won’t be optimal when recovering from a rhinoplasty. At minimum, I would wait at least 3-6 months between surgeries to allow enough healing time and swelling to resolve. Best of luck.

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